Is Your Blog On Kindle? A Quick ‘How To’ Get Your Blog On Kindle.

Is your blog available on Kindle? If it is, that’s excellent! If it’s not, maybe you haven’t thought about it yet. Or, maybe you’re thinking it’s a complicated process. In fact, it’s really easy. I recently made my Be Your Own Counsellor & Coach website available to subscribe to on Kindle and it was a simple task.

For those of you who might be interested in doing something similar, here’s how to put your blog on Kindle in a few easy steps:

  • Visit Kindle Publishing For Blogs and set up an account.
  • When logged in, click ‘Add Blog,’ and complete the sign-up form. You will need your RSS feed, blog description, tagline and a picture to display on your Amazon page. I chose a screenshot of my website:

Blog Capture May BYOCC

  • With all of your information filled in, click to ‘Generate Blog Preview’ and remember to hit ‘Save’ in case it doesn’t go through first time.
  • Then, if you’re happy: hit ‘Publish Blog to Kindle.’
  • Your blog will then show up as: ‘Pending Approval.’
  • My own blog was available to subscribe to on and within 24 hours of this process. (You only need to do the one form and your blog is available on both sites.)
  • Now subscribe to your own website so that you can see how your posts appear. One important thing, though, do ensure that your posts are set to “full text” as otherwise someone paying to subscribe to your blog will only receive a short part of your post on their Kindle and will then need to click out to see the entire post. This is rather poor form when someone is paying to see your posts!

It really took so little effort and with many people enjoying the ease of following blogs on Kindle it’s well worth the small amount of time it took. I have to say, it’s also great to see my posts appear on a Kindle! And another bonus is that you will now have a listing on Amazon, which never does any harm, especially if you’re an aspiring author.

I’d love to hear your own experiences of whether or not you have made your own blog available to subscribe to on Kindle. Do let me know!

Published by Ruth Nina Welsh

Creativity is Ruth’s life-blood. On its release, in August 2000, her debut acoustic album, 'As I Breathe,' was acclaimed by music industry professionals for its passion, haunting beauty and originality. Listeners are now praising her album of cover songs, 'Inspired By,' just released in January 2016, for its haunting beauty. As a freelance writer, she specialises in self-help but is also currently working on some psychological suspense fiction.

74 thoughts on “Is Your Blog On Kindle? A Quick ‘How To’ Get Your Blog On Kindle.

    1. Hi Paul, Glad you enjoyed the post. Your blog would be fantastic on Kindle as you have a lot of posts and content. It’s so handy to have longer posts which have depth on the Kindle as they are sitting there to be read and revisited, without the computer, just as you do ebooks. Hope you manage it OK if you feel it’s right for you! 🙂

  1. I’ve never heard of anything like this, Ruth. But that isn’t surprising given my technological deficiencies. 😉
    Do people have to pay to read your blog? What would be the incentive for putting your blog up? I’m curious about it, but I am not sure why it would be something I should look in to…..
    I love how you are out there and active and looking into so many different options! Good for you, and thank you for sharing something entirely new with me!

    1. Hi Angela, Pleased to have shared something new with you! Yes, people do have to pay to subscribe. In the US it is either 99cents or $1.99 a month. Amazon sets this price. For a reader, if you have a really favourite blog it’s great to subscribe this way. When you put your Kindle on, the posts download automatically (just like ebooks) – I enjoy being able to read posts like this and not have to access the computer. I think it’s just really nice to offer people this option. Even if only a few subscribe, it is so little effort to put the blog up there. Also, for discoverability. When I hear of an author I’m interested in the first thing I do is google them or look them up on Amazon. It is good to have your blog listed there and a nice precursor if you’re waiting to get a novel up, and just as good if you already have books on Amazon. So, I think it is good marketing, adds to your profile (if that is something of interest), spreads the word about your blog and you a bit more, and offers followers/readers choice. A few of my thoughts! Hope they help a bit. Let me know what you think. Always great to see you here 🙂

      1. Ruth, your response here helps a lot. I can see where this is something I need to look in to. I’ve bookmarked your post and saved your comments here. I’ll add it to my summer projects list. I also sent it to a friend of mine who is a writer — it may help him with his book promotions to have his blog available this way. Thanks so much — this is very generous of you to share!

        1. You’re so welcome Angela. I didn’t realise the post would interest people so much so I didn’t really fully outline the benefits of putting a blog on Kindle! When I can, I’ll add a postscript and pop the benefits down that we’ve talked of, and any more I can think of. It will be there then when you get to your project. 🙂

    1. Hi Bulldog, Thanks so much. Even if you haven’t got a Kindle, lots of other people have and could be reading and enjoying your posts on them! Great to see you 🙂

    1. Hi Carolyn, So pleased to be able to bring you a little new info and I hope that it works out for you if you decide to do it. Great to see you here – and thanks so much for your good wishes – I really appreciate them. 🙂

    1. Hi Margaret – you’re welcome, it’s exciting isn’t it! Hope that you can give it a go for your own blog. Thanks so much for popping in and commenting. 🙂

    1. Hi Char – thanks so much, really pleased this was interesting to you. I had been missing you on my reader and saw that I wasn’t following anymore. WordPress is sometimes temperamental and seems to do things of it’s own initiative! Anyway, I remedied things! Thanks Char – hope you are having a good week 🙂

      1. Yeah, sorry about my lack of presence on everyone’s blogs. I’ve had several big deadlines creep up on me with work that have taken all my time and just about killed me. I’ll be glad when June is over, and work becomes more normal (hopefully).

        1. Good luck with all that Char. It’s so hard to keep up with everything. I get some poor spells of not getting to visit my friends’ blogs. I’m sure everyone understands – I know I do anyway! All the best 🙂

    1. Hi Rachael, glad this was useful to you and thanks so much for commenting and letting me know. Hope it works out for you – it would be great to hear how you get on, if you get the chance. It gives me a real glow to see my posts on my Kindle! Ruth 🙂

  2. Sounds very easy steps Ruth, and I am certain it is a great step to take… :-).. Technology is always progressing… Its taken me all this while to get into Linked in Lol.. so maybe Kindle will have a wait a while longer 😀 haha..

    Lovely to see your post and thank you so much for your most welcome visit and comment Ruth.. Sending you a Big Hug
    Sue xxx

    1. Hi Sue, It’s good to keep up with technology even if we don’t use it! I don’t do a lot on LinkedIn either, but I think it’s excellent for connections particularly in relation to work and showing what you have to offer and all that you’ve done. It’s not much trouble to set these things up and I think there is value in them. See how you do, Sue, you may fancy to be on Kindle too in time 🙂 Great to see you here and I’ll be popping over your way soon. Take care and much love, Ruth xx

  3. Hi Ruth

    I’m so glad I landed on your blog. I have never heard of Kindle Blogs and have just uploaded my own to KP as a direct result of your post. I did a search for your own blog at Amazon and couldn’t find it there? I’m not sure they have the search function working effectively enough. I’ll be interested to see how mine displays when it’s published shortly.

    Thanks again, I’m off to spread the word! 🙂

    Alice X

    1. Hi Alice, Thanks so much – really glad that the article was useful for you. I hope things go smoothly – let me know if you if you get a chance as I’m interested in your experience. Yes, I know what you mean about the search on, I don’t know why this is the way it is. Something else to investigate I think! Good luck with it all, Ruth 🙂

      1. Well, it’s been published to .COM and UK, however despite uploading a snapshot of my blog they’ve gone with my author photo which I uploaded first of all in error. Hmmm… not sure why that would be because I’ve been in to the dashboard and ‘saved’ and ‘published’ several times to try to correct it. My blog snapshot meets their recommendations too.

        I have to ask myself also, why would readers want to pay a subscription for blog downloads when they can visit my blog for free online? What do you make of this? It seems to me that it would just be for convenience. Even if they pay £0.99p per month, blog posts aren’t a sure thing. When life gets in the way (such as vacationing for a couple of weeks) blog posts could hit zero posts for those weeks. Maybe this is why Amazon aren’t shouting about publishing blogs to Kindle. I was surprised to read it’s been around for a few years.

        Anyway, my published blog is here.

        Can you direct me to yours please as I couldn’t locate it. Thanks so much.

        Alice X

        1. Hi Alice, thanks so much for letting me know. Your info looks great! I like your picture – I did wonder whether or not to go with one but decided on the blog snapshot instead. Not sure why the right snapshot didn’t work for you mmmmm. Maybe you are right and there is not much attention paid to blogs on Kindle as it is such a small income stream as well. I know what you mean about others paying for your blog. I find, though, that for favourite sites it is worth it. Reading on Kindle is so easy and you have the last few blog posts there to revisit whenever you want to – without the computer. I know what you mean about content though, you probably do need to be offering a reasonable level of blog posts for people to think it is worth subscribing. It can’t do any harm, though, to have it up there!

          Here is mine: Be Your Own Counsellor & Coach. (I will investigate why it’s not showing up in the searches – when I have time!)

          Really enjoyed and appreciated your feedback – thanks so much. Hope you don’t feel it was wasted effort. 🙂

          Ruth xx

          1. A wasted effort? No, not at all! I’m always keeping my eyes open for promotional ideas and this is great! I’m very grateful to hear about it all.

            I’ve taken a look at your Amazon blog page and something I’ve noticed with .COM is that I can’t see any download price (neither for yours nor mine) and I’m assuming that’s because I’m in the UK. In the UK your blog download is showing as £0.99p per month. Are you outside the UK? If so, would you mind looking at .COM and telling me the price Amazon has set in US$ for my blog download? Sorry to be a pain but I want to tweet it and I haven’t received any communications from Amazon to confirm any information. I think the blog department at Amazon aren’t as tight and on top of things as the other departments I’ve dealt with.

            Alice X

            1. Hi Alice, Sorry, I can’t help – I’m up in Northamptonshire! The blog prices in US, I think, are either 99cents or $1.99 monthly. Hopefully you can get someone to check for you as, like you, I can’t see the prices on the US site. I’m happy that you’re pleased to have got it up there and thanks so much for commenting and letting me know all about it!! All the best to you, Ruth 🙂

    1. Hi Shakti, thanks for your comment. You’re not actually moving your platform to Kindle it is just that if you subscribe your posts will also show up on a Kindle. It gives readers more choice. Hope that helps! All the best, Ruth 🙂

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog, Ruth! I’ve commented about this post and my own thoughts to discuss with my followers in a post on Monday week! I’ve linked back to you as well. Thanks for the info and the inspiration.

    1. Hi Jemima, Thanks so much for letting me know – I’ll look forward to reading your thoughts. Glad to bring something of interest to you and I do look forward to following you. 🙂

  5. Thank you for following my blog. I’m a novice at writing but must. You have a lot of wonderful information on your site that I’m looking forward to reading. I don’t think my blog belongs on Kindle but it’s a great idea.

    1. Hi Marlene, thanks so much for visiting and for your lovely encouragement, I’m so pleased you like the site. Not to worry, blogs on Kindle are certainly not for everyone. Still, if one day you suddenly fancy to do it at least you’ll know how to make it happen – it’s always good to know about these things! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Kenny, great to see you here. You’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front. Saw a post from you earlier, though, on my email, so I’ll head off to have a look. Hope that you’re keeping as well as possible. I’m coming over to find out!! 🙂 🙂

  6. Hi Ruth,
    Thanks for the info, but please tell me –
    From you signed up with Kindle, – did you experience an increase in visits or comments from ever new bloggers? And what volume are we talking about here?
    Or has there been no noticable changes?

    1. Hi there, thanks so much for your comment. This post has certainly increased visits and comments to my blog. I don’t really think of being on Kindle for increasing blog visits, it is more about offering another option for people to access your blog. It costs so little energy – I can’t see any reason not to do it! All the best to you, Ruth

      1. I’ll certainly consider it. (Thanks for the tip off)
        Another ting: When you visited me ( giving ‘Likes’ to Nes i Ådal ) I got a total of 4 mail alerts from you – all issued in the very same second. Got a virus of some kind?

        1. Thanks so much for letting me know. No, no virus, I was using a touch screen and it wasn’t registering the ‘like’ so I touched it a few too many times – it obviously was actually working!! Great to get your comment. 🙂

  7. Ruth, I really can’t charge money for my blog. I have a Reading Fiction, Tales of Terror blog (classic short stories) and most of the stories are free on the web anyway. Can I offer a free blog subscription or does Amazon require you to charge fees?

    1. Hi Paula, I understand how you feel. To sign up to this particular ‘blog to kindle’ with Amazon, I believe it has to have the paid option. If I find out otherwise I will let you know. The thing is, your blog will still be totally free and available online – as it is now – but this would just give extra convenience for readers to have your posts delivered direct to their kindle. I guess I see it as reader choice and convenience – unfortunately, there is a very small charge for this. Hope that helps. Thanks so much for visiting, I’m pleased to have found your blog too.

  8. Thanks so much Ruth for the info. Currently I’m in the middle of marketing my new freelance writing business so this will certainly help, alongside with my book that is already sold on Amazon. Plus, I have quite a few friends and relatives who use their kindles exclusively so it’ll be a more convenient way for them to read my posts.

    Thanks for the info!

    1. Hi Joseph, very glad the post was of interest to you. From a marketing point of view and reader choice/convenience, I certainly think it’s well worth offering this to subscribers – it’s so easy to register too. Thanks so much for letting me know that you found the info useful – I do appreciate the feedback. All the best and good luck with your marketing and business strategy. Ruth

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