Self-Help Highlights: March, April & May 2013

I promised to keep you updated with self-help posts from my site: Be Your Own Counsellor & Coach, so here are a few articles which might be of interest from March, April and May 2013:

How Well Do You Cope With Life?

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What Makes You Happy? Inspiration from Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Projects

Gretchen Rubin's Happinness Project - Web Site


What Can You Do About OCD?



The Healing Power Of An Open Heart – ‘The Snow Child’ a novel by Eowyn Ivey


You’ve Got Good Friends – Do You Need A Counsellor


A Motivational & Inspirational Toolkit: ‘A Survival Guide For Life’ by Bear Grylls



Hope that you find some interesting highlights here. Thanks so much for visiting. 

Published by Ruth Nina Welsh

Creativity is Ruth’s life-blood. On its release, in August 2000, her debut acoustic album, 'As I Breathe,' was acclaimed by music industry professionals for its passion, haunting beauty and originality. Listeners are now praising her album of cover songs, 'Inspired By,' just released in January 2016, for its haunting beauty. As a freelance writer, she specialises in self-help but is also currently working on some psychological suspense fiction.

14 thoughts on “Self-Help Highlights: March, April & May 2013

  1. Hi Ruth, just passing and thought to pop in and let you know that all is fine here. Have been playing snooker this afternoon in town, scored a 87 break. Would have been more, but got a kick 😦 Hope you are well and remember,” if things don’t change, they will stay as they are. ” 🙂
    Take care my lovely friend.

    1. Oh Kenny, we have snooker in common – I’ve loved the game, since my teens – only watching though. An 87 break is outstanding! Favourite player? Take care too and so good to have you pop by. 🙂

      1. My fav. player has to be Ronnie O’Sullivan. When in the zone he is breathtaking to watch. But I got lucky today, everything just seemed to present it’s self. My positioning was spot on for a change. So now I feel quite chuffed 🙂

  2. Hello Ruth,
    Thanks SO much for visiting my Little Recovery Blog! I’m following you as well….I’m a Fan already. Thanks for the post you did on setting up your Blog on Amazon’s Kindle!! Got my done yesterday!! Just trying many ways to make Income as a Penniless Writer, Blogger, and One time Published Author!!….LOL….God Bless, Catherine 🙂

    1. Hi Catherine, So glad that you found the post on ‘blog to kindle’ helpful and that you have yours set up – excellent!! I really look forward to following your blog. Thanks so much for your great comment – I really appreciate it. Take good care, Ruth 🙂

  3. Hi Ruth, I love Bear Grylls born survivor and might have to buy the book now after reading your article… I hope you are okay…x

  4. Hello Ruth,

    I briefly glanced through the posts and can say that these are absolutely superb articles. Thank you for sharing. Do you still counsel and coach ? Or has music taken centre space as far as your circle of passion is concerned?


    1. Hi Shakti, Thanks so much for your lovely comment and really glad you enjoyed the articles. The music was recorded many years ago, then came the counselling and coaching (I don’t practice now) and now I am writing self-help articles alongside other projects. I appreciate your interest – thanks again! Ruth

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