Website Changes!

Leafy letters spelling out GROW

Hi everyone!

This is just a short post to let you know that change is coming.

I’m updating this site and moving it to a self hosted platform as I want to do more with the site and add lots of things which are not currently available to me.

The website will be down for a little while as I move and update the site.

I’m hoping to take my subscribers with me, but if you don’t receive a blog post from me by 22nd March 2016, and you still want to follow me, please could you make a note of my website and come and visit and follow again:

Sorry for the changes, but I have some plans for the future with my music. To grow and do more, and offer you more, change is essential.

Take good care.


PS. I’ve got “comments off” as the site will be down very shortly. Thanks!