On opening my blind. My view this morning,

IMG_0768 (2)

A sweet, but rather tenacious hunter.

The picture of patience, waiting to pounce.

Thankfully, she didn’t succeed today.

Love to you all. I’ve been away too long.


Published by Ruth Nina Welsh

Creativity is Ruth’s life-blood. On its release, in August 2000, her debut acoustic album, 'As I Breathe,' was acclaimed by music industry professionals for its passion, haunting beauty and originality. Listeners are now praising her album of cover songs, 'Inspired By,' just released in January 2016, for its haunting beauty. As a freelance writer, she specialises in self-help but is also currently working on some psychological suspense fiction.

14 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Ruth…………… so so pleased to see your new post pop into my email as I was wading my way down my much too Longer list of WP posts alerts..
    So good to see you on here again.. Yes way too long.. But I hope you are feeling brighter and stronger my friend..
    As for the little Hunter.. well.. Cats will be cats and try their best.. and no amount of food already in their tummy will stop them.. I know . from experience..

    We no longer have any cats that own us.. πŸ™‚
    But a neighbours one is very crafty and has unfortunately been lucky in the patience department.. as she hangs around behind our fence then Jumps around 6 foot to grab an unsuspecting perched sparrow..
    When we see her slink down next doors path we go to the panel of the fence she waits behind and then bang the fence panel.. She scoots away.. so we hope we are deterring her skills at the moment as we have some chicks ready to fledge the second lot of blackbirds ..

    So Happy to see you here.. and Lovely photo Ruth.. Hugs to you with Love ❀ Sue xxx

    1. Thank you so much Sue! So lovely to make a post and see you here. This is a neighbours cat as I can’t have them (allergies), but she visits frequently as we attract the birds. All so beautiful to see. Much love to you my sweet friend! xxxx

  2. So wonderful to see a post from you, Ruth! You have been away too long, and I’ve thought of you often, as I’ve already mentioned. ❀
    It's nice to see the view outside your window, and such a cute photo of that patient little hunter stalking the bird, I too am glad she didn't succeed. Gotta love the tenacity of cats. My sweet kitties are napping here beside me as I'm looking out my own window this morning. No hunting for them, as they are strictly indoor cats. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks so much Julie. So good to be posting too!! I may do some more garden views, plants and things – following your great inspiration. Thinking of you too Julie and sending strength across for you to manage your things. Lots of love xxxx

  3. Just sighted this post, Ruth, as it came to my box only today informing about your new logo and site lay out. To say that I missed you would be an understatement, as you have been away for too long, from wp, that is, and not from my mind. Great to know you are up and about, at last. May it continue to remain so, that I keep hearing from you…warm regards and best wishes….xxxRaj.

    1. Thanks so much Raj. Yes, it has been much too long, a very bad spell indeed. Let’s hope for better now. I’ll be visiting your site soon and catching up a bit. Warm wishes your way. I can now, at last, listen to the music you sent to me – I have begun and will say more in a mail. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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