Self-Help Highlights – August 2014

Please forgive me for being away for so long! I’ve been blogging elsewhere, though, so here are some updates from my self-help posts over on Be Your Own Counsellor & Coach. The latest articles feature gratitude, perfectionism, coping with grief, emergency stress management strategies, a memoir of incredible courage related to Britain’s Child Migration Schemes and a chance to assess how good a listener you are.

Hidden In Plain Sight – The Things We Take For Granted

What do you see and yet don’t truly see?



Is Perfectionism Holding You Back?

Perfectionism doesn’t have to negatively control your life.



Grief Can Be Divisive: ‘Over’ a novel by Margaret Forster

Have you been in  a situation where others grieved differently to you?



Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Is this really true?



Emergency Stress Management: Two-Minute Relaxation

Even the busiest person can spare two minutes!



The Horror of Britain’s Child Migration Schemes – ‘Empty Cradles’ a memoir by Margaret Humphreys

A memoir of bravery and courage – would you have been this tenacious?



How Good Are Your Listening Skills?

Why is that we struggle so much to listen? Have a look and find out how good a listener you are.


I hope that you found something of interest here. Until next time! Thanks so much for looking.


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