Be Your Own Counsellor & Coach – Launch of New Site

Latest-News-from-BYOCCWelcome to the launch of my new site – please click on the link below:

Be Your Own Counsellor & Coach

I really hope that you like the layout of the new site with its magazine format. I will be continuing with my self-help book recommendations, alongside extra topics of the arts – creativity, memoirs and more. The Recommended Best Self-Help Books – By Topic, continues and is constantly being enlarged. I’ve also expanded the About section as many of you have been so kind as to ask about my health. I’ve added more personal detail than before for those who’d like to know a bit more about me. I really hope that you enjoy your visit as it has been an exciting project for me – learning about self-hosting and all it entails. I’m still learning – so forgive any teething problems!

I’ve managed to transfer everything across from this site, including the comments, which I’m really pleased about. If you’d like to look, here is a list of the latest posts which I’ve had to publish, ahead of the launch, for the new site to work properly:

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and perhaps heading over to the new place and signing up. Please let me know your thoughts – feedback will be most welcome.

More will be on the way on this personal blog soon and I’ll continue to offer monthly updates here for the new site too. Also, links will always be available in the menu above – ‘Self-Help Resource’ – for all Be Your Own Counsellor & Coach posts.

Thanks so much!


Published by Ruth Nina Welsh

Creativity is Ruth’s life-blood. On its release, in August 2000, her debut acoustic album, 'As I Breathe,' was acclaimed by music industry professionals for its passion, haunting beauty and originality. Listeners are now praising her album of cover songs, 'Inspired By,' just released in January 2016, for its haunting beauty. As a freelance writer, she specialises in self-help but is also currently working on some psychological suspense fiction.

23 thoughts on “Be Your Own Counsellor & Coach – Launch of New Site

    1. Thanks so much Paul for the kind words and thoughts – do appreciate them. It will be lovely to see you over on the other site as well. You know how much I enjoy following you too. Have a lovely week 🙂

        1. Thanks so much Sue and I’m thrilled you’ve subscribed. I will love to have some luck too – we can never have enough of it. Thanks my kind friend for your lovely words xx 🙂

  1. I love your new site, Ruth, and I’m going back to it now to subscribe. The way you have found to help others despite your severe health problems is a strong testament to your courage and kindness. You are an inspiration! xx

  2. The new site looks great, Ruth. Well-done! So will you continue posting here, as well? You know I’m loving the artwork in your header! 😉

    1. Hi Angela, thanks so much – really appreciate you looking and glad you enjoyed the new site. Yes, I’ll still do updates here on my writing and also a little more on my music, when I can. I knew you’d love the header. 🙂 I saw the painting many years ago (it’s in Glasgow) – loved it then and love it still! Take care 🙂

  3. Hi Ruth ~ finally got over here — wow… your site looks great… and I just linked over to the new “About” section — you dear sweet soul — i had no idea what your challenges entailed… I can relate in so many ways… Always here if you need to lean – and just signed up for direct email notices as I was not seeing your posts in my reader for some reason… I know you will make this site something wonderful. Much Love and Blessings ~ x R

    1. Great to see you Robyn and so glad you like the site and I appreciate the encouragement – new ventures can be a bit unnerving!! Thanks so much for your supportive words – I will remember them and you know I offer the same to you, as there is nothing quite like someone who understands. Sending love and thoughts across the ocean, Ruth xx.

  4. Love the new look of the site. 🙂
    ~ Tina
    Also, I’m moving content on “Reflections” to a new blog at Thanks!

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