Video: As I Breathe – Ruth Nina Welsh

I’ve made a video for the title track of my album As I Breathe! Most of the pictures are from the original black and white photo shoot along with some stills from concert footage, back when I was playing. Also there are shots from the recording studio trips (practising in the wonderful travelodge!) and a rather poorly lit photo taken inside the recording studio. If you’re eagle-eyed you’ll see the piano in the background – all miked up – that I actually recorded the song on. I love that photo – wonderful times. Thanks so much for watching and I hope that you like it!

As I Breathe

In shadows I sleep, in places in time.
Troubles I see, troubles in mind.
In shadows I wait, as deeper I see.
In truth and in hope, believing in me.
And as I wait.
You hear me call.
And as I breathe.
As I rise and fall.
As I breathe.

In darkness I lay, in evening time.
The visions I seek, are visions I find.
In darkness I sleep, as night becomes day.
I wake to a dawn, I dreamed as I lay.
And as I wake.
You can hear me call.
And as I breathe.
As I rise and fall.
As I breathe.

And as I wake.
You can hear me call.
And as I breathe.
As I rise and fall.
As I breathe.
As I breathe.

Copyright Β© Ruth Nina Welsh 2000

From my Notebook

Published by Ruth Nina Welsh

Creativity is Ruth’s life-blood. On its release, in August 2000, her debut acoustic album, 'As I Breathe,' was acclaimed by music industry professionals for its passion, haunting beauty and originality. Listeners are now praising her album of cover songs, 'Inspired By,' just released in January 2016, for its haunting beauty. As a freelance writer, she specialises in self-help but is also currently working on some psychological suspense fiction.

41 thoughts on “Video: As I Breathe – Ruth Nina Welsh

    1. Hi Jan, it’s so great to see you here! Thanks so much for all your wonderful words of encouragement and support. I know it’s your favourite so I’m really glad you like the video! πŸ™‚

  1. So LOVED this Ruth— it’s fabulous music and lyrics ~ just beautiful!!! Thank you…
    I hope this gets widespread acclaim – much deserved! xo Robyn

    1. Hi Robyn – so pleased you enjoyed the song! I know how much you love music as I remember you talking about listening on your iPod on those difficult walks. Always wishing for better for you and I do so appreciate your words and thoughts. So good to see you over here! x

      1. Back again for another listen as Chris reminded me today! So grateful for your good wishes… Thank you! Yes – music is such a healing resource for me too… I will need to keep a bookmark for this song Ruth – it’s just incredibly wonderful! xxoo

        1. Hi Robyn, thanks so much – hope you got my email earlier, I sent it to an aol address? If not, can you pop it over to me. I will always be thrilled to see you here and I’m so pleased that you’re enjoying the song. I appreciate your thoughts so much, Ruth x

  2. Oh Ruth, A delightful song, album, and now video which compliments your wondrous music perfectly. Congratulations my dear friend.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Best always, Ross πŸ™‚

    1. Ross, thanks so much for visiting and offering such warm and encouraging words. You know how much I appreciate them. So glad you like the video and feel it compliments the song. Best to you too my friend and dear Lisa. What a day it was when we met in the twittersphere – I’m very thankful πŸ™‚

  3. Thank you so very much Ruth for allowing into your world of music, even though I have visited a few of your songs previously,:-)

    But I do find this Song has a particular haunting melody .. Loved your Video presentation and I have clicked your bottom box to follow via email, as I didnt get this update.. And I dont always log into the WordPress Reader,.. But thought I would come by to see you,
    Wishing you a Great weekend,..
    Im sighing and releasing my own breath as I broke up from work yesterday as I have some Annual leave, So will not be around after Tuesday for a time…
    Wishing you my best, and take care.. ~Sue

    1. Hi Sue, so pleased that you enjoyed the song and the video – it’s just lovely to hear that. Hope that the updates come through on the email OK now, if not, I must investigate! Do appreciate you letting me know. Hope that you have a great break and can really relax and enjoy the breath without the pressures of work. See you when you get back and thanks for popping by – always lovely to see you here. Take care to you too, Ruth x

  4. Ruth … wow … I just finished experiencing your video for the third time and still feel lost in a world of beauty, of stillness, and of peace. The absolutely perfect and calming melody provides the perfect backdrop to your lyrics. Like a meditative mantra put to music they take the listener deeper and deeper within to a place of quiet and introspection. What a true delight to have discovered your blog, this amazing video and a very talented artist. I will be back on a weekly basis. Namaste.

    1. Hi Rick, I’m really moved by your comment – thank you so much. I see exactly what you mean about the hypnotic quality and I’m thrilled that you were attracted to the song and it’s mood. Your description is poetic and deep and I do appreciate it. As someone who is incredibly talented yourself I am very touched by your words – they mean a great deal to me. Thank you for your beautiful sign-off and I wish you continued joy as you bring beauty to life in every picture that you take. My very best to you, Ruth.

  5. Ruth, your voice is so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us!

    I appreciate you connecting with me as I’ve been a bit distracted and hadn’t been back to visit your site until today.

    Wishing you every success and everything most wonderful :))

    1. Hi Jo-Anne, thanks so much for those lovely words. There are so many sites to see, it’s hard to keep up. All my best to you too, and keep up your beautiful writing – you know how much I enjoy it! Ruth πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks so much Jewels. Lovely to see you here and so glad you like the song, it was just great of Chris to put it on his site – really grateful. I’l be over to see you again soon. All my best to you, Ruth πŸ™‚

  6. Ruth, what a beautiful peek into your life as a singer, songwriter, and musician. I love seeing all the photos of you practicing your art — I feel like I know you a little better now. πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing that.

    The video is lovely and the song resonates with me…..speaks to something of the long nights I lay awake due to insomnia. Quietly haunting, peaceful and soothing. Of course, you know the writer in me LOVES those pages from your composition book! It’s always fascinated me to see how the words come — we all have our own process, I know, but seeing it scratched out and lined up really shows how similar we are when we compose, too.

    I’m so impressed by your spirit and creativity. You keep going and reinventing and contributing and persevering. Thank you for the gift of your example and your creative spirit. You inspire me.

    1. Hi Angela, I’m honoured by your words and touched and moved by your comment – thank you so much. So thrilled that you enjoyed the song and the glimpse into my ‘notebook.’ Not so thrilled you have insomnia, though, as that can be very tough. I know that we both love our creativity and you are not alone in being inspired. Your sites have inspired and encouraged me with their beauty and aspiration. I relish each of your posts as I know it will bring something special. So glad our paths have crossed and we can share. Warmest wishes to you and I hope for a peaceful night for you, Ruth

  7. Hi Ruth, I haven’t been by for awhile but I wanted to comment on your beautiful song. Your voice is both sweet and lovely, I enjoyed the video as well. The pictures of you are wonderful and expressive and your words are very moving for me, Well done. i think what I enjoyed the best was the ambience you created, soothing, peaceful and gentle, very nice, thank you, Penny

    1. Hi Penny, thanks so much! Really glad that you enjoyed it and just lovely to see you over here. It’s great to hear that the song is soothing and relaxing – we all need a bit of that in this often hectic world! Warmest wishes to you, Ruth πŸ™‚

  8. LOL… There was music, but I was listening to your voice. “The music seemed so far away. If we concentrate very hard on the song of the Nightingale, we don’t hear the hooting of the Owl.
    Great to be here Ruth πŸ™‚

    1. I got you now Kenny – LOL! I have just sent you an email – it may go into your spam – so I hope that you can find it OK. Thanks so much for your lovely words – so pleased you enjoyed the voice. Great to see you here! πŸ™‚

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